Treatment of Diarrhoea

Why should you treat diarrhoea?

a healthcare professional prescribe medicine
Acute diarrhoea should be addressed. Although common, it may lead to significant loss of water and minerals. In cases of severe diarrhoea, medical attention is needed. It is important to limit the transmission of viral diarrhoea to people around you.

Why is drinking large amounts of fluid important when you have diarrhoea?

Pouring water into a glass

During diarrhoea, your body loses water and minerals. To compensate for these losses, you should frequently consume drinks that are high in sugar and salt: water, sugar water, sodas, vegetable broths and more.

Attention! In the event of experiencing severe thirst or dry mouth, it is imperative that you consult with your doctor immediately.

Antidiarrhoeal drugs

To treat diarrhoea, you can use anti-diarrhoeal medications available without a prescription from a pharmacy. They will help relieve symptoms. However, it is most important to rehydrate.

If acute diarrhea is accompanied by mild fever, as in some cases, this may be an indication of infectious origin. This does not necessarily mean that your diarrhoea is of bacterial origin: diarrhoea of viral origin, can also trigger a moderate fever. Acute diarrhoea of viral origin does not require the use of antibiotics.
If your diarrhoea is accompanied by high fever, it is advised to consult your doctor.