SmectaGo® is a caramel-cocoa ready to drink liquid preparation that can be used for adults and children above 2 years old for symptomatic treatment of acute diarrhoea.

SmectaGo® helps to not only stop, but cure diarrhoea wherever you are.

  • Convenient consumption: Ready-to-use wherever you are
  • New taste: Caramel-cocoa flavour
  • Efficacy: Clinically proven to stop & treat diarrhoea
  • 12 sachets in a box: For a complete recovery

How SmectaGo® works

SmectaGo® contains diosmectite, a natural clay with a complex mechanism of action that:

  • Treats diarrhoea
  • Captures & removes pathogens (toxins, viruses, bacteria)
  • Restores gastrointestinal damage

How to take SmectaGo®

SmectaGo® is a ready to drink liquid preparation to be taken orally. The content of the sachet can be swallowed directly.

Treatment for acute diarrhoea

SmectaGo® for adults

The average dosage is 3 sachets per day. Depending on diarrhoea severity, the daily dose can be doubled (6 sachets) at the start of the treatment.

Smecta® for children of 2 years and above

4 sachets per day for 3 days, then 2 sachets per day for 4 days.
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